Spacers and pads from artificial materials

The best construction experts choose new, improved materials and solutions to relieve the tension between two elements in a building. Forbuild has prepared elastomeric pads manufactured from quality vulcanised EPDM rubber. The can be used as bearings for different elements of the construction: joists, ceilings, beams and stays. Their goal is to move the load to appropriate supporting structures, thus the forces in work do not damage the whole building or other structure. Visit the website form ore details.

Create your own phone case - Telart

Custom-made, the most original smartphone housing can soon be yours! Visit Telart’s website and create your own phone case. Choose the pictures you want, add an inspiring motto and make your device completely unique. You can also make several of them for each season or for different weather or any other conditions!

Wholesale pantyhose and other hosiery products - Fiore

Vast collection of one of the best hosiery products created by the most creative designers. Fiore offers wholesale tights, pantyhose, stockings and other products in a wide variety of colours, forms, materials and versions to suit expectations and needs of every woman. Check new collections, pick your products and order the selected ones today.

Pietrucha's vinyl flood walls

PVC, vinyl sheet piles are more and more often used to regulate rivers, reinforce embankments, protect roads and railways etc. They are also used as cut-off walls due to their resistance to mechanical damage and corrosion as well as their aesthetic looks. Construction companies choose them also because of their relatively simple installation.

Brake pads - Steinhof

Among the products that we produce and offer our customers were, among others, brake pads, applicable to passenger cars and vans. Sturdy materials from which they are made are the products are highly efficient. Brake pads we offer an extremely beneficial investment. We invite you to work with a proven brand.

Choose Dentim Europe - dental clinic in Poland

The most important advantage of the services offered by Dentim Europe, is the quality of each conducted procedure and experience of every dentist working here. Moreover, dental holidays in Poland mean very affordable prices, thanks to which everyone can get their implants, improve the health and beauty of their teeth.

Barbara Luijckx offers chocolate decorations

To prepare a perfect dessert for the most distinguished, the most demanding guests, you need the best decorative items. Barbara Luijckx has prepared a wide choice of chocolate cigarellos: thuja, twister, bamboo, palm and several others. They look and taste great and allow you to prepare yet another amazing cake, ice cream composition or other dessert.

Dressta construction equipment

Ultimate equipment for even the most demanding conditions on a construction site. Dressta is a well-known manufacturers of such machinery, as pipe layers. Their design includes innovative counterweight system ensuring amazing stability of the machine. Moreover, thanks to built-in damage prevention it is a safe and secure equipment.

Camsat's CCTV monitoring equipment

For analog and IP cameras, each of the devices included in Camsat’s offer secures simple, solid and reliable monitoring. These CCTV systems are based on wireless technology, which improves the comfort and capabilities of their installation. Check the available equipment and raise safety in your offices, industrial facilities etc.

Our gambeson

We offer accessories and medieval weaponry, including gambeson made ​​from original designs of the era. For their production of raw materials used were very good quality. Our product range is characterized by great diversity and versatility. Most of the items, and on request even a whole is created manually.

ZPUE's overhead connectors

Switch disconnectors, reclosers, a variety of connectors and other solutions and accessories for overhead lines. ZPUE has developed an impressive range of electrical equipment for the most demanding conditions. Currently, the offer includes as well electrical pole from concrete as well as motor drive for remote controlling.

Develop your production company

More and more companies notice and exploit the possibility to limit the production costs by renting a warehouse in Poland or finding a very attractive investment area in Poland. Cushman & Wakefield is an expert in the real estate market in the country, offering suitable solutions for every client - see the details.

The idea behind creating (or buying) a new company abroad might vary but the fact is, that it is increasingly popular all around the world. RSM Poland offers shelf company service - ready-made solutions, which will save you time, trouble and money needed to create a firm from the scratch. Contact the experts!

The quality of every element and bicycle part manufactured by this renowned brand is appreciated by amateur as well as professional cyclists. Our online store presents a wide choice of Shimano disc brake pads and other equipment, chosen by the most demanding customers. Visit the website and choose great prices for best parts!

V wire screen

For the most demanding industrial environment and uninterrupted separation of liquids and solid particles, Progress Eco company has prepared special rotary drum screen. Its features include low energy consumption, self-cleaning, extreme efficiency of work and durability, You can find sieves in diverse dimensions and versions for your facility’s needs.

Top-Medics Poland - remove fat and shape your body

Our clinic offers a wide range of aesthetic medicine procedures, characterized by effectiveness and safety. We especially recommend choosing Vaser Hi Def - an innovative solution, which is used to remove unneeded body fat, but at the same time allows to shape the body in order to underline natural curves.

Check Radwag's precision scales

Designed to meet strict standards of research facilities and universities, the scales are used by the most demanding customers. Radwag has developed special range of precision balances available in three series: standard, advanced and professional. Choose the one which meets your requirements and weigh faster, simpler and with more accuracy.

Automotive upholstery

Beautiful design and perfect finish are trademarks of one of the best (if not the best) company on the market, specialising in car leather upholstery. Carlex has proven over the years that each project and design is simply stunning and completely unique. Your seats, steering wheels, dashboard and other elements can be completely transformed. They gain new character and style, according to your expectations. To see quality of their work visit the website and browse the gallery. Their automotive interiors are simply breathtaking.

Shopping bags for your promotion - FROGUT

Environmentally friendly, strong and reliable, effectively promoting any market and shop. FROGUT specialises in plastic bag manufacturing process. The company uses quality HDPE, LDPE and MDPE film, which can be printed with up to 8 colours on both sides. You choose the product’s version from standard ones (thermobags, sinus loop, DKT) or you provide your own design.

Chocolate rolls for your cake

Make the dessert all your guests will simply love - in terms of amazing taste as well as look. Barbara Luijckx offers chocolate cigarellos in a variety of forms. The rolls are available in thuja, bamboo, cocos, palm, gauguin and several other versions. Choose the one which will make your cake or dessert the best!

Lawyers from Poland

The company provides a range of advisory services from the area of legal and tax regulations. The law firm from Warsaw can assist you in civil and commercial regulations issues, telecommunications, employment, competition, EU funds and other areas. The cooperation might be based on one-time help or permanent cooperation.

Quality reconditioned and new turbo from Reman-Tec

Invest in the best car parts without overpaying for new elements. Visit the website of Reman-Tec company and check their offer of new and reconditioned turbos. You will surely find there the turbocharger for your car. The offer includes as well repair services and other automotive parts, such as A-C compressors.

Traps, killers and other insect control solutions

Make sure insects are under control - at your home, factory, shop and other facilities. Visit the website to find the best fly trap, electric killer or other solution developed to make this persistent problem go away. The devices were created for smaller facilities as well as large ones, where the most effective solutions are needed.

Bespoke, custom software outsourcing

Each individual business is different and requires different IT solutions. Standard, ready programs are usually not enough or too much for companies. With bespoke software development you get the exact product your business needs to operate effectively and grow. From design and analysis to integration and maintenance, you can count on our professional support.

Custom lampshades from Poland

Cooperation with creative, talented designers as well as interior decorators and architects, allows Art-Abazur company to create unique projects for every space. The lamp shades manufacturer combines passion, art and practical solutions to provide partners with wide range of amazing products. They are selected by private customers as well as hotels, companies for their offices and much more. Employ unlimited possibilities in terms of interior design with the use of light and get in touch with the company.