Cable trays support system

If they do not the CPU in the computer, monitor and speakers themselves would be useless. What matters is the right mix of all the elements together. It is important to both visible on the outside cables themselves podłączaliśmy likely that these small wires and inside. In addition to the normal cable, with which we are dealing with on a daily basis are all kinds of special cable trays support system such as waveguides or coaxial cable.

Solutions for CCTV installations

Designed to work efficiently on longer and much shorter distance wireless devices offered by CAMSAT company can be characterized by fantastic reliability and simplicity of configuration. The CCTV security camera systems based on our solutions are inexpensive and can be used in virtually every environment. See more on the website.

Enchanting blouses

Unique combinations and enchanting style is a trademark of the offer. Each blouse with high collar is a combination of sophistication, boldness in terms of style and attention to detail. Our creative designs are for women who are not afraid to experiment with their style - those, who want to highlight their charisma.

Efficient ventilation systems

Every ventilation system needs durable and reliable structural elements. OUR RACAV constant air flow regulator can be used without the electrical supply and keeps stable air circulation.The product can be made from such strong materials as galvanised steel, stainless steel and acid-proof stainless steel.

Liquid level gauges, strainers and more

Installations and piping systems require the highest quality measures to ensure their proper operation at all times. To achieve that we recommend one of many available industrial valves, including bottom, bellow, air release and control ones. Each product has been designed and manufactured according to the highest standards, providing the adequate protection of pipes and other installation sections.

Auschwitz Birkenau tour

There are numerous ways you can spend your time while visiting Poland and its cultural heart - Krakow. To find out more about the full range of possibilities, visit the website of an agency, organizing, e.g. Auschwitz Birkenau tour, as well as many other trips to nearby locations. Choose your tourist attractions!

Driveline solutions for industry

Thanks to more than 40 years of experience, our company is one of the world's leading gear shafts manufacturers. We offer customized powertrain solutions built to suit client's specific demands and needs. The production capabilities of our specialized plant include technologies such as hobbing, quenching, carburizing and many more.


Our organization specializes in computer-aided design, digging and reinforcement of wells using heavy machinery. We offer horizontal and directional drilling services that include delivery of all needed equipment as well as full technical support and supervision from our highly experienced personnel.

Car interior design

Luxurious materials, perfection of every detail, unique combinations of colors and shapes is what makes car interior design special. Carlex company specializes in designing and creating fantastic, unmatched car interiors for every car. If you wish to make your car unique, choose Carlex company services.

Mergers and acquisitions

If you are looking for experienced company, specializing in advisory services in the area of finances, taxes etc., visit the website of our company. The experts provide services in such areas, as establishing companies in the country, mergers and acquisitions, brand valuation, economic advisory and many more.

High quality construction flanges

As one of the largest manufacturers of flat flanges in Poland we are determined to provide only the best products to help construction companies reach their fullest potential. We also provide a plethora of other metal elements and various structural parts that will prove a great help in gas cutting and machining.

Soothing music to make patients relaxed

Our aim is to make every patient's experience better; this is why we designed an MRI audio system which is safe to use with every machine doing the magnetic resonance image. The sound is clear and it effectively blocks out the noise emitted by the machine during the scan. At the same time, the patient's hearing is protected.

Accessoires liturgiques

Nous présentons l’offre de la boutique en ligne, adressée aux membres du clergé qui recherchent des accessoires et des vêtements liturgiques de la plus haute qualité. Dans notre offre riche, vous trouverez un large choix : des chasubles, des mitres, des robes de choeur, des drapeaux et bien d’autres.

Lace bras

All women want to feel beautiful and seductive - some of them, however, need a little push. Sexy lingerie that you can find on our website is a wonderful trigger of the female energy. Browse through our collections of high-quality bras, dresses and bodystockings and choose the option that's right for you.

Products for laboratories

We are a Polish company that provides solutions helping laboratories in their daily work. We produce clinical reagents such as amylase, ethanol, ferritin, immunoglobulins and others. You can filter the available product range by line or analyzers. By clicking on a substance, you can see its detailed specification.

Manufacturer of automatic cutting machines

Work in the printing industry could not be possible without this device. Automatic cutting machine is used to produce various materials, such as cardboard packaging, greeting cards for different occasions or notebooks. Our products are extremely modern and compact, made of high-quality materials and suitable for various applications.

Boat project

Are you wondering how the process of planning and constructing our boats looks like? We will be happy to show you! A professional visualization of the yacht's design allows our clients to make the decision about placing an order more quickly, and also ensures full satisfaction of the project realisation.

Online store with lamps

If you’re looking for ceiling, table & desk, floor or perhaps wall lamps, then browse our lighting shop. We carry a diverse range of items perfect for every home, office or any other space. The products are available in a variety of styles, colours and sizes – pick the ones which best suit your taste and order today!