Spacers and pads from artificial materials

The best construction experts choose new, improved materials and solutions to relieve the tension between two elements in a building. Forbuild has prepared elastomeric pads manufactured from quality vulcanised EPDM rubber. The can be used as bearings for different elements of the construction: joists, ceilings, beams and stays. Their goal is to move the load to appropriate supporting structures, thus the forces in work do not damage the whole building or other structure. Visit the website form ore details.

Wholesale pantyhose and other hosiery products - Fiore

Vast collection of one of the best hosiery products created by the most creative designers. Fiore offers wholesale tights, pantyhose, stockings and other products in a wide variety of colours, forms, materials and versions to suit expectations and needs of every woman. Check new collections, pick your products and order the selected ones today.

Dressta construction equipment

Ultimate equipment for even the most demanding conditions on a construction site. Dressta is a well-known manufacturers of such machinery, as pipe layers. Their design includes innovative counterweight system ensuring amazing stability of the machine. Moreover, thanks to built-in damage prevention it is a safe and secure equipment.

The idea behind creating (or buying) a new company abroad might vary but the fact is, that it is increasingly popular all around the world. RSM Poland offers shelf company service - ready-made solutions, which will save you time, trouble and money needed to create a firm from the scratch. Contact the experts!

Remove fat and shape your body

Our clinic offers a wide range of aesthetic medicine procedures, characterized by effectiveness and safety. We especially recommend choosing Vaser Hi Def - an innovative solution, which is used to remove unneeded body fat, but at the same time allows to shape the body in order to underline natural curves.

Chocolate rolls for your cake

Make the dessert all your guests will simply love - in terms of amazing taste as well as look. Barbara Luijckx offers chocolate cigarellos in a variety of forms. The rolls are available in thuja, bamboo, cocos, palm, gauguin and several other versions. Choose the one which will make your cake or dessert the best!

Custom lampshades from Poland

Cooperation with creative, talented designers as well as interior decorators and architects, allows Art-Abazur company to create unique projects for every space. The lamp shades manufacturer combines passion, art and practical solutions to provide partners with wide range of amazing products. They are selected by private customers as well as hotels, companies for their offices and much more. Employ unlimited possibilities in terms of interior design with the use of light and get in touch with the company.

PJ Therapeutic's dysphagia tools

Everyone struggling with swallowing disorders knows how important it is to address the issue and use tools, which help in everyday life. PJ Therapeutic’s offer includes a variety of dysphagia products, such as spoons, straw glasses, Z-Vibe tips (in a wide variety of shapes and versions) and other accessories.

If they do not the CPU in the computer, monitor and speakers themselves would be useless. What matters is the right mix of all the elements together. It is important to both visible on the outside cables themselves podłączaliśmy likely that these small wires and inside. In addition to the normal cable, with which we are dealing with on a daily basis are all kinds of special cable trays support system such as waveguides or coaxial cable.

Solutions for CCTV installations

Designed to work efficiently on longer and much shorter distance wireless devices offered by CAMSAT company can be characterized by fantastic reliability and simplicity of configuration. The CCTV security camera systems based on our solutions are inexpensive and can be used in virtually every environment. See more on the website.

Enchanting blouses

Unique combinations and enchanting style is a trademark of the offer. Each blouse with high collar is a combination of sophistication, boldness in terms of style and attention to detail. Our creative designs are for women who are not afraid to experiment with their style - those, who want to highlight their charisma.

Car design

Zapraszamy Państwa do zapoznania się z ofertą firmy Carlex specjalizującej się w wykonywaniu tapicerek w samochodach. Jesteśmy grupą pasjonatów i uważamy, że car design jest sztuką. Wobec tego tapicerstwo samochodowe wymaga według nas talentu i ogromnej pasji. To dbałość o styl i elegancję każdego wprowadzanego projektu. Doskonale wiemy jak mocno wnętrze może zmienić nasz samochód. Dostosowujemy styl i kolory nie tylko do pojazdu, ale też do charakteru właściciela. Tapicerstwo samochodowe Carlex zapewni Twoim czterem kółkom nowe życie. Zapraszamy!

Reliable electrofusion fittings

High quality polyurethane (PE100 or PE100RC) is a guarantee of reliability of our fittings designed for electrofusion welding. The offer includes a wide variety of couplers, reducers, saddles and elbows, which allow to conduct a repair or modification of a pipeline without interrupting the flow of the medium.

Catholic vestment choice

Chasubles, dalmatics, copes, albs and numerous other, beautifully embroidered Catholic vestments for priests. All of our clergy clothing is created from fine materials, which give you comfort and elegantly symbolise the season of the Liturgical year or a specific event. You can also get individual embroidery for special occasion, such as priesthood anniversary.

Exterior lights

The external arrangement of the house is as important as its interior. This is why it is so important to choose an appropriate lighting, which will make all surroundings perfectly visible. You can achieve that with our LED garden lamps, available in many designs and colors: grey, silver or graphite.

Cast-Steel castings from Poland - Pioma-Odlewnia

Smelting, industrial valves, energy, shipbuilding, machines and equipment and many other industries have employed the production capabilities of Pioma-Odlewnia - steel foundry from Poland with years of experience. They use cast steel and iron (ductile, grey and alloys) to prepare a variety of solutions for each client.

Efficient ventilation systems

Every ventilation system needs durable and reliable structural elements. OUR RACAV constant air flow regulator can be used without the electrical supply and keeps stable air circulation.The product can be made from such strong materials as galvanised steel, stainless steel and acid-proof stainless steel.